Elevate Features

1000+ Features For Any Business Type

All in One Touch Screen Point of Sale System

  • Transforms your iPad into a Countertop Register or Mobile POS
  • One Simple centralized cloud-based Software provides powerful tools for any Retail or Restaurant
  • Integrated with Payment Processing including Cash Discounting and Surcharging, Accept EMV Chip, contactless, online ordering and pay by link

All Inclusive Features

  • Elevate POS offers over 1,000 features without having to add 3rd party applications or plug-ins
  • Customizable Business Management tools to efficiently run your business and stay connected with staff & customers
  • Real-Time Analytics and Mobile features allow you to know exactly how your business is doing Anytime from Any device

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Don’t limit your business potential. Begin selling online today and immediately increase revenues up to 700%. When people visit your website, you can easily convert them into regular clients and increase sales.

Custom settings such as pick up times, delivery dates, specific locations, etc., make life easier for everyone involved.

Pull from the same pool of inventory whether sales are made online or in person.

Track Customer purchases and Reward programs on both the POS and Online platforms.

Mobile POS

Portable POS
Elevate gives you the freedom and flexibility to take your business with you, wherever you go!

Increase Sales
We want your business to flourish! Increase sales by accepting payments anywhere your customers are. So go ahead, grab your iPad, your card reader and get out there! Connect to 3G /4G and easily create orders and process payments.

Rest assured that all of your sales, inventory and reports are backed up for you no matter where you take payments

Customer Loyalty
Access important customer information, view points earned and redeem points all from your Point of Sale. The only thing that needs to be plugged in is your customers information.


Universal Saved Ticket
Functionality at your fingertips. Create a ticket on one iPad, add items at another then accept payment at the main register.

Split and Transfer Tickets
Transfer tickets between employees. Open any ticket on any iPad POS to add items or quickly split tickets.

Printer Queue
Be confident when printing multiple tickets to selected printers. Receipts and prep-tickets are printed in the order in which they are received.

Better Service
Elevate’s platform supports your business needs with one register or many! Maximize efficiency and offer a better customer experience with tableside ordering.

Order Types

Ordering Formats
Select a default order type and activate or deactivate to customize the options available on your point of sale. Modify setting to include inventory items and tax rates specific per order type. View reports and compare sales by order type. Walk-in, Pick-Up, Delivery, Dine-In. Choose one or all

Stay Organized
View customer data based on order type, items purchased or visit frequency. Run reports to show type of order by the month, week, day or hour to increase efficiency and align sales efforts during those busy times.

An in-depth platform that allows you to grow into a more customer-focused business. Quickly enter a customer’s information into your system to add them to your loyalty database. View complete order history, easily re-order favorite items, link points earned from each purchase, view redeemable points, add multiple addresses and special notes such as a birthday or anniversary to make your customers day that much more special.


Pay In/Out
Enter your register start and end amount to track and balance daily cash flow

Multiple Tender Types
Accept multiple tender types on a single ticket then track sales by tender type

Create, save and edit ticket information and let your customers pay when it is convenient for them

No Sale
Need to get in the cash drawer? A no-sale button will open your cash drawer for you without having to process a sale

Split Tickets
Easily split a ticket evenly, right down the middle, or create a custom-split with as many tickets as you need. Drag and drop items to disperse them quickly

Searchable ticket numbers and ticket history let you pull up past orders and process refunds back to your customers

We help you protect your customer’s sensitive payment information as if our business depends on it – because it does

Order History & Returns

  • Assign a customer’s name or phone number to their order – reordering made easy
  • Reprint prep-tickets or customer receipts
  • Create and view notes on returns and adjustments
  • Search saved tickets by ticket or table number, customer name or phone number
  • Pull up failed transactions under ticket history
  • Order History viewable by date, order type, tender type, customer name, customer email address or ticket number
  • Return Item or Ticket data easily displayed with grid or graph options
  • Employee Accountability – view returns, voids and discounts by employee
  • Filter options allow you to view transaction length under in browse history filter

Time Clock

Easy for Your Employees
Employees easily clock in and out directly on the iPad with a unique Pin Number.
View Previous, Past and Future Schedules as well as hours worked when clocking in & out.

Scheduling Simplified for All
Staff to management communication system allows for direct messaging on the iPad and Virtual Office between you and your staff – no more lost sticky notes.

Practical for you
Relay important information with a newsflash View a current log of hours worked.
Save time by copying previous schedules with the touch of a button and copy one week’s schedule to the next.
Make edits to employee’ts schedules, add shifts if they forget to clock in and out.
Email schedules to employees or post a printed out schedule.


  • Create and send employees schedules
  • Create a repeating schedule for an employee
  • View the scheduled hourly cost per employee and total
  • Color code each job code for scheduling visualization
  • Create and send news flashes for employees to view when they pin in
  • Manage and edit employee time punches
  • Download the time and pay report CSV file for payroll submission

Virtual Office

A full web-based office backend for creating menus, employee management, hardware set-up, reporting and more.

Sync with your iPad to view changes in real time.

Training Videos
Account Information
Manage Employees
Hardware Management
Receipt Builder
POS Settings
Menu Builder

Inventory Settings
Inventory List
Adjust Inventory
Import Inventory
Adjust Price List
Inventory iPad Display
Manage Suppliers

Time Clock
Set weekly or monthly schedules
Copy previous schedules
Publish, print or email
Employee schedules
Edit Clock In/Out times
View & export payroll data

Z Reports
Product Mix Report
Register Summary
Employee Activity
Time & Attendance

Account Information
Loyalty Programs
Customer Lists
Marketing Campaigns

Create new locations
Duplicate data for 2nd locations
Select Location View
Enable employee
Manage Locations
Transfer Data Easily
View Report for 1+ Locations

Multi Location

Central Database
View Inventory levels, transfer data and pull reports for multiple locations easily with one central database.

Flexible Taxes
Complete control over creating multiple tax zones and rates for your locations or per item

Enable employees to work in multiple locations. Set employee permissions per location and easily track hours worked at each.

Consolidate reporting for all of your locations into one report for easy viewing or run reports based on a particular location.

Compare sales by location, specific date ranges and across departments or categories and even by the hour

Gift Card & Loyalty Program

Build long-lasting customer relationships with a robust customer database and management platform linking customers to each of their purchases

Create programs specifically around your customers – either by specific items purchased or number of visits – incentivizing them to return

Email Marketing
Stay in contact with customers and inform them of sales, specials or events

Elevate’s completely digital program eliminates “perk cards”. Create customer profiles quickly on your iPad POS, points for purchases are saved and can be redeemed at checkout

Complete Control
Create punch card or points programs and control when each are active. Save past promotions then reactivate at anytime

Add or adjust points from the tablet or back office

Inventory Management

The best does get better! Elevate not only offers a robust inventory platform that you can truly depend on but we are giving it to our users for FREE.

Our inventory system holds over 500 thousand barcode SKU’s. Import existing codes or create your own. Track items using UPC on your iPad and Virtual Office

Barcode Scanner
Integrated Bluetooth scanner allows you to quickly look up or ring up items

Bulk Adjustments
Modify price and quantity data or add thousands of inventory items at a time.

Receive Inventory
Add data to your existing inventory list without replacing data.

Built To Perform
Spend less time on tedious inventory management and more time creating valuable customer relationships

Buying Power
Know which items are your best sellers and which items are not selling so that you are able to make more informed decisions

Re-Order Notifications
Always know exactly when stock levels are running low and it is time to place re-orders with low inventory alerts

View inventory levels, transfer data and run reports for one or several location

Manage Anywhere
Don’t be tied to your office. View inventory levels, manage quantities or prices from anywhere you have Wi-Fi

Real Time Analytics

Keep a Keen Eye
Cloud based intelligence lets you monitor sales activity and run dynamic reporting – wherever you are, as it is happening.

Capacity to Grow
Supports large data volumes and simplifies data to help your business become more nimble and keep pace with the competition

Continuous Updates
Your system automatically updates your reporting throughout your business day, with real-time matrix

The Big Picture
Relevant Reporting on sales including tax exempt sales, voids, returns, discounts and adjustments at one or more location


Protecting your customers is our top priority!

Our POS System is integrated with only the best EMV compliant equipment engineered to safeguard your customer’s data with the best security technology.

Our card readers encrypt payment information at the point of sale to keep valuable information safe while processing and transferring the data for end-to-end payment protection.

Elevate fully manages and regularly installs security updates on its servers and all applications are verified with rigorous quality testing and review.

Elevate gives you peace of mind knowing that your customer’s data is secure and confident that you’re protected against data breaches.

We also adhere to Level 1 PCI Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) to keep valuable information safe and never store data on your device.

Employee Training

  • Easy staff training with Tutorials accessible via iPad
  • Full training video library within your Virtual Office
  • Monthly Point of Sale Training Demo Calls with our Top POS Specialists
  • Need something else, just ask. We’ve got you covered

POS Support

Dedicated Support Specialists
Our tech team is happy to answer any of your customer & technical support questions

Too busy to dial? Quickly search our database of commonly asked questions to find the answer your looking for!

Video Library
Not up for chatting? Kick back, pop some popcorn and watch any of our to-the point training videos for step-by-step instructions that will have you mastering our POS in no time.

Helping Hand
Need just a little more help? We can arrange that! We will send out our fully trained technicians located throughout the US to help you get up and running

Cash Discounting & Credit Card Surcharge

Cover your merchant account fees or incentivize customers to pay with cash using our cash discount or credit card surcharge program

Automatically apply a cash discount percentage or amount to be calculated and added upon checkout

Automatically apply a credit card surcharge percentage or amount to be calculated and added upon checkout

Customize the title of the program for the receipt and checkout window

Invoicing By Paylink

Create customer invoices by saving the order from the tablet

Create customer Invoices from the back office using any browser

Take partial payments on invoices/saved tickets

Send Invoices for customer payment via Card or ACH

Assign invoices to a specific customer for customer order tracking and rewards

View and track open, closed, pending or partially paid invoices

Discounts & Coupons

Create Automatic or Manual Discounts or Coupons that can be added to the entire order or to individual items prior to checkout

Apply an alternate price, amount off or percentage off to the Discount or Coupon

Discounts or Coupons can be assigned to a department, category or product level

Control the Discount or coupon settings by location including active days, times, start and end date

Solutions For Every Business

FinTech Processing offers several pricing plans tailored to your business needs. Our products include wireless terminals, hand held devices, access to online account management, and more…​